Press Release

Rocky Bleier ready to rock with Joe Rockey

Steelers legend endorses Joe Rockey for County Executive


August 3, 2023

Republican County Executive nominee Joe Rockey today announced the formation of a Veterans for Rockey committee to be headed by a Vietnam veteran and gridiron legend, retired Steeler Rocky Bleier.

“Let me tell you one thing: this man is rock-solid,” Bleier said standing alongside the candidate. The pair met a week ago and Rockey impressed Bleier with his strong, commonsense stands on county issues.

“Rocky Bleier is an example of what can be done in life by overcoming adversity. He returned home a wounded combat veteran and, through sheer force of faith and will, went on to win four Super Bowls,” Joe Rockey said. “I can’t imagine a better partner in spreading the word about Allegheny County’s opportunities and values.”

Bleier will head up Veterans for Rockey, standing for the more than 66,000 military veterans living in Allegheny County.

“I’m delighted to add to the endorsements of local labor unions and law enforcement, the support of a legendary man who embodies this county’s come-back spirit,” Rockey said.

Co-chairing the committee are two Iraq War veterans who serve Allegheny County in the general assembly: State Sen. Devlin Robinson, R-Bridgeville, and State Rep. Rob Mercuri, R-Pine. Robinson, in addition to serving two tours of duty in Iraq, also served in Afghanistan. Mercuri served in an intelligence unit in Iraq.

“He’s a natural choice for veterans,” Robinson said. “As a combat veteran, I know how much our veterans rely on Allegheny County’s Department of Veterans Affairs. And I’ve heard Joe Rockey make the case for providing the best for the men and women who kept our nation safe.”

Mercuri, a West Point graduate with two tours in Iraq, praised Rockey’s character and competence.

“Leadership and character are traits I value highly in elected officials,” Mercuri said. “Joe Rockey, exemplifies both traits, and I have seen his character and leadership quality up close for many years as a colleague, and now as a candidate.