Thank You

My friend,

Words all but fail as I think back on this campaign and the support and generosity of spirit you and so many others have shown me. How to express my feelings about our movement, a coalition of regular people seeking a voice too often drowned out by the shrill, political extremes.

We might have been defeated, but we did not fail.

In just ten short months, we defied all odds and expectations. Our campaign was professional. We carried a positive message about what matters. There is more to an election than counting votes. What we had to say will continue to echo.

We never needed to ask anyone if they were a Democrat or a Republican. I wanted to hear what mattered most to them when it comes to Allegheny County’s future. Allegheny County was 2-to-1 Democratic, but it was 100 percent united in the desire for a better future.

We set out with a vision of safety and growth in Allegheny County. We authored a Public Safety Plan and called for a Jobs Renaissance. I hope they are considered in the new administration.

We launched three coalitions, each championed by leaders who represent the best of Allegheny County.

We gave the middle a voice.

No, this was not the outcome we hoped for. But it was far from the end of the conversation. We articulated the worries and aspirations of working families, small business people, and a majority of Allegheny County citizens who no longer feel powerless. I am convinced that in the months and years ahead, this centrist majority will make its voice heard.

Thank you for your support throughout this process. Without your advice, financial resources and enthusiasm, we could not have made it as far as we did. Thank you for extending your hand in friendship beyond the political process. And most of all, thank you for your kind words over the past few days. Coming so close has made this much more painful than I ever imagined it would have been.


Joseph E. Rockey