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Rockey hits the airwaves with first campaign ad of election


August 30, 2023

PITTSBURGH – Joe Rockey, Republican nominee for Allegheny County Executive, hit the airwaves this week with a 30-second television spot introducing himself to voters and outlining his focus on public safety, jobs and commonsense leadership. 

The spot, titled “My Street,” begins with the candidate outside the North Side home in which he was raised, the son of a union Democrat who worked his way through school. Speaking directly to the viewers, Rockey first lays out his origin story and then focuses on his plans for Allegheny County. 

Rockey, a retired top executive with PNC, enjoys the endorsement of one of the region’s largest blue-collar labor unions, as well as multiple law-enforcement unions. 

The spot, produced by Downtown-based ColdSpark Media, began airing on local channels today. 

The candidate outlines his platform: “A ‘no’ to tax-hiking reassessments. A sensible middle ground, because extremism doesn’t work. More jobs. And a commonsense plan to fight crime.”

The ad draws attention to the differences between Rockey and the political extremes of his Democratic opponent, whose anti-growth agenda poses a threat to job expansion in a county that has lost 50,000 jobs in the past five years. 

A copy of the script and link to the broadcast advertisement is attached. 


“My Street”

I’m Joe Rockey. I’m a North Side kid – grew up here. Had one of my first jobs here. I worked hard, played by the rules and learned by giving back. Now I’m running for County Executive, and here’s my plan: A “no” to tax-hiking reassessments. A sensible middle road, because extremism doesn’t work. More jobs. And a commonsense plan to fight crime. That’s the Rockey agenda. I’m Joe Rockey. I’d be honored to be your next county executive.

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